The online advice prior to this submission was very helpful enabling me to substitute images and to guide me to the final layout.

As mentioned previously my post process skills are not sophisticated and so I elected to change the image No5 instead of re-working. There would be no rescuing the focus issues at image at No1.  So, out of the 1:1 feed back I had to choose two images to fit the panel. Image No7 had good feedback and seemed to me to illustrate a different technique without losing the cohesion of the panel. Printing the image No5 was a challenge. I had to get the whites just right so there was sufficient detail in the feathers without darkening. too much. (I think the camera does help in this situation as the tonal resolution is critical). 

The final submission was sent into Bristol for a May 2020 review but then the pandemic hit and the review was delayed until October this year. 

I am grateful to all that have helped and those who are involved in this whole process. I can say that, as a confident and experienced amateur photographer, this process has improved my photo skills and understanding. Yes, I will take hundreds of pictures that will be just 'snaps', and they will have their own meaning and importance. But now I am far more self critical and better able to create a photograph. Thanks to The Royal Photographic Society.