Bluebells in our local wood - Nikon D7000 Sigma 10-20mm lens. This was taken with the camera laid on its  back on the forest floor. Two Nikon SB700 flash guns were set to min power and also laid shooting up to light the blue bells. These were fired remotely using the camera flash to trigger the guns. The focus was set to manual and a small aperture selected to extend the depth of field. The manual exposure was set to under expose the sky. It took a few shots before I was happy with this one.

This fox was taken at the British Wildlife Centre in Surrey (see .British Wildlife Centre) An excellent venue. The photography days are very good and you are able to get close to some of the animals. D750 Nikon 80-200 f2.8D

This is in the Elmley Nature Reserve on Sheppy. This Heron presented itself and kept the pose long enough for me to fire off a few shots. 

D7000 with Nikon 200-500mm tele zoom at f8 iso400 and 1/1000s

BWC again. A very compliant owl. D750 with 80-200mm f2.8 at 200mm f3.5 1/640s iso2000

In my local woods. D750  I think this was with my Micro 60mm with off camera flash. I wish I could take this shot again, there is so much room for improvement.

Local woods again. D750 lens 100mm f5.6 1/250s iso100

Elmley NR D7000 with 200-500 f6.3 1/400s iso200

Elmley NR D7000 with 200-500 f6.3 1/400s iso200

Little Egret - D750 with 200-500 at 500mm f5.6 1/2000s iso200

Kingfisher on local river. Cropped - D750 with 200-500mm at 480mm f5.6 1/200s iso400 

Red Kyte taken at the Rhayadar conservation and feeding centre near the Brecon Beacons. Its £7 for a session from the hides whilst up to 300 birds circle and feed. It is an impressive spectacle.  The occasional Buzzard pops in as well. 

Harvest Mouse BWC

Lapwing Elmley

Yellow Daffodil

Red Squirrel BWC