Advisory Day October 2018

The Panel

My submission at my first (sweaty palms) advisory day, October 2018. The panel was initially well received but I'd printed some images on semi gloss and some on glossy paper. (Most images are better presented on a semi gloss or matt rather than a full gloss paper as the lights illuminating the panel may cause reflections or glare. But even so they should all be presented on the same medium).  

Overall the pictures were 'good' technically but not enough variety. Seven pictures could form the basis of a future panel. The assessor remarked that there were too many 'portraits' of mammals and insufficient variety of technique.

Image 1

No adverse comments

Image 2

Lift the detail in the shadows on the sheds (I had, from the previous advice but not enough) but an acceptable print.

Following the first appraisal I cropped the sky a bit but (obviously) found that this changed the ratio of the picture and difficult to print into an A4 format. I decided this picture would not go any further. 

Image 3

I had cropped this picture tighter following on from the previous advice and tried to clone out the offending pieces of straw. It was suggested that I replace this image as it was the weakest 'portrait'. Strangely I didn't hear that advice and it stayed with my panel in various forms until I finally got the message from the assessors. 

Image 4

No adverse comments on the technical aspects but in essence 'a bird on a stick', so it says nothing about the photographer and does not add much to the panel

Image 5

I edited (as best I could) from the previous advise and the image now acceptable

Image 6

This image is too tight in the frame and 'too many bird portraits'.

Image 7

No comments on this image

Image 8

This image was OK, I had cropped as suggested but still the grass has highlights that are too bright and take away attention from the subject. 

Image 9 

No adverse comments

Image 10

A good portrait of a fox.