Advisory Day February 2019

The Panel

My submission at my second advisory day in February 2019. The panel was initially, thoughtfully received.   Observations suggested that my printing was over dark in the shadows on some of the prints. The panel was rearranged, shown below,  using some of the spares. 


Image 1

Acceptable image but there is a blue cast evident. A crop suggested to remove the thin dark cloud band at the top of the picture. ( I had taken this at Port Lympne wildlife park at about 6pm in the evening and the 'blue hour' really affected the image. Perhaps I should have altered white balance in camera)

Image 2

Acceptable image  but crop too tight on right hand of shed roof (printing error)

Image 3

This image failed again. The shadows are too dark on the flank of the body hiding the feather detail. Why didn't I give up on this picture and move on?

Image 4

Acceptable image but the back ground and foreground rendered too dark.

Image 5

Edited from previous advise but insufficient detail in the feathers at the base of the neck. Could have been my printing or my editing. I thought the strong colours made this a central image.

Image 6

Great colours but let down by composition where the teasel heads clash

Image 7

Too tight in frame. It is mostly preferable to show wildlife pictures some of the environment to improve the context of the image 

Image 8

Image OK but shadows too dark. I was never happy with this print. In retrospect,   I reassessed the value of this image and whilst this is essentially a landscape picture the boat is just too small in the image.  

Image 9 

No additional comments

Image 10

No additional comments

Revised panel

Following the advice the layout was re-arranged using some of the spares I had brought along. However images 1, 5, 6 and 8 required work to bring them to standard.