Advisory Day July 2019

The Panel

My submission at the third advisory day, July 2019. I had decided to change the hanging plan from the previous advisory day using some new images. During the session the layout was again re arranged using some of the spares I had brought along, as shown below. 

I had also printed each image to provide a thin white border inside the mount cut out. This was very difficult to do and inevitably the inside border was a different size on some prints. The assessor suggested that it would be easier to 'fill' the cut out with the image.

The overall improvement spurred me on to attempt a panel submission. I am very grateful to the judges who provided constructive impartial feedback which has ultimately helped with the qualification.

Image 1

Images 1 and 2 are too similar, probably replace image 1

Image 2

No further comments on this, after I had corrected the crop.

Image 3

As comments in 1 and also the petals from each stem at the top just touch and would be better if they were separated.

Image 4

Images 4 and 6 again were too similar and the complexion of the subjects were not ‘realistic’ which was due to a combination of mixed stage lighting, colour balance and my poor editing.

Image 5

Edited from previous advise. I had worked to lift the shadows in the background but not sufficiently in the foreground 

Image 6

This shot of an actress at the local REP was a problem. I had tried to correct the colour balance but this had made the flesh tones look odd. Again these portraits a very similar.

Image 7

No comments

Image 8

Good striking image. The sun is a blown highlight but this is ok

Image 9 

Acceptable. Still a bit on the dark side in the foreground and needs lifting

Image 10

A nice image, acceptable although there is a distracting bull rush in the left hand side of the frame. 

Revised Panel

Using some of the images from my spares the assessors rearranged the hanging plan resulting in the panel shown below. The selection is arranged in two rows and although three rows are allowed two rows are easier for the assessors  to review. (Notice the white borders inside the mount cutout).


It was suggested that the panel should consist of the two top rows which are shown here.  With a new image at 1 to balance the panel and to review the shadow details.