LRPS Submission 1 October 2020

I could not get the colour balance right on the Ibex (image 1 in of the last Advisory Day panel) and so replaced it with the hare which had not been reviewed in any previous Advisory Day. On reflection I'd gone backwards and used the same image in position 5 that had already been identified as 'weak'.  

The Panel

I had mounted the images in 50 x 40cm white mounts all purchased from one supplier. I did not notice that there was a slight colour difference between some of the mounts. I had been reviewing my panel on the dining room table under tungsten lamps and the colour difference was not so apparent. This was picked up by the assessors when viewed under a daylight light.

Image 1

This image of a Hare seemed to me to fit the criteria and so without any advice I chose this image in position 1. The assessors noted that this image was not  sufficiently sharp in the required areas. By this I take it that the depth of field was insufficient to make the whole hare sharp enough in contrast with the rest of the scene.

Image 2


Image 3


Image 4


Image 5

I had cloned out some untidy grass stalks that crossed over the leading leg of this Red Shank. This was picked up and although cloning is allowed it should not be noticeable. I was so invested in this image that I'd found it difficult not to include it in the panel. It was clear from the start that there were inherent problems with the image in terms of LRPS acceptability

Image 6


Image 7


Image 8


Image 9 


Image 10



Most of my pictures are straight out of the camera with perhaps a bit of cropping or increase in overall contrast and saturation where the RAW file is less intense than the JPG. My skills with anything but basic post production are indeed limited. The images that have been accepted are mostly SOOC and so I needed to find at least two new images that will fit the panel.....Time to get some more advice.

Online Advice February 2020

The images below were sent for 1:1 online advice. I have shown the comments against each of the images. The advisor also suggest a slightly different layout in the plan, which I adopted.


ICM boats

‘Good creative image showing good visual awareness and variety of approach. The photographer might however consider cropping some of the sky off at the top of the image.’


‘Good image with good depth of field as the birds eye is sharp and the background is out of focus meeting the criteria for technical quality. Composition is good as the bird has room to move into the image.’

The white egret

Edited comments as below

‘Very strong image capturing the egret in its environment. The photographer might consider darkening the trunk at the top of the image, as this is a little distracting. Care should be taken when printing to ensure the detail in all the whites is retained.’

Extended exposure

‘Good image showing movement of the hustle and bustle at this station. This image would give the panel more variety of technique and approach which is part of the criteria required’


I decided not to use this as I had cloned a trolley in bottom right of the picture and was worried that the edit was too messy.